COPYRIGHT & RELATED RIGHTS 2019-06-17T17:16:25+00:00

DB Law Office offers complete legal services, of both of contentious and non-contentious nature in relation to copyright and related rights, including:

  • assistance related to the protection of works by copyright and related rights
  • infringement & anti-piracy matters, including online & social media related matters

  • image rights

  • registration of artists from different industries, assistance & representation before collective management bodies

  • assistance related to the collection & payment of copyright and related rights levies

  • assistance related to the use & access of content through different technologies, platforms and territories

  • copyright in the digital environment

  • contractual assistance, including drafting & negotiating license, assignment, publishing, theatrical and/or musical performance, rental, cinematographic works and other audiovisual works, computer programs, three dimensional art, architecture, photography, protection of portraits, broadcasting, performers’ & producers’ rights agreements;

  • assistance related to the sui generis rights of the makers of the databases;

  • enforcing rights of rights holders from different industries

  • litigating in front of the national courts