DATA PROTECTION & PRIVACY 2019-06-17T17:20:19+00:00

DB Law Office offers assistance on a diverse range of aspects in the field of data protection & Privacy, including:

  • drafting, revising and negotiating agreements/company’s documents to comply with the legislation on data protection

  • conducting legal audits to assure compliance by companies with data protection legislation

  • drafting data protection policies considering the activities conducted by the companies and the processed data
  • assisting clients during the controls/inspections performed by the Romanian Data Protection Authority

  • filing notifications and assistance during the notification procedure

  • drafting and revising the appropriate wording for promotional campaigns

  • restructuring promotional campaigns in different industries (financial, FMCG, food, fitness, etc) to comply with data protection legislation

  • assistance in relation to data protection and privacy requirements related to employees

  • assistance related to the transfer of data bases

  • assistance on data protection aspects related to the implementation of new technologies, IoT projects, sharing systems for marketing purposes, biometric data

  • cyber security

  • assistance with due diligence

  • litigating on matters involving data protection issues, including the use of new technologies and sensitive data (i.e. health, biometric data, geolocalization data, use of minors’ data, etc)

  • litigating on image and privacy rights, especially contents placed on social media platforms