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In a country that is one of the world’s largest players in the IT sector, DB Law Office offers legal services on a diverse range of aspects in the field of IT&TMT, including:

  • drafting, revising & negotiating agreements, such as license, franchise, assignment, transfer of rights, R&D, non-disclosure, services agreements, etc.

  • drafting and negotiating software development, implementation, transfer, license, cloud services, hybrid archiving, use of different platforms/technologies/mobile devices agreements

  • assistance regarding regulatory aspects related to online platforms/technologies/mobile devices/forums/websites/e-commerce

  • assistance related to the implementation of IoT, start-up projects

  • drafting, revising, negotiating agreements related to employees’ inventions, trade secrets

  • transactional intellectual property matters

  • day-to-day services to companies from the IT, Technology, Media field