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DB Law Office offers complete legal services, of both contentious and non-contentious nature in relation to trademarks, including:

  • availability searches within national, European and WIPO trademark databases, as well as within databases related to pharmaceutical denominations, domain names, commercial denominations. We also perform searches with respect to the use of the searched denominations

  • negotiating consents, undertakings of non-infringement

  • notifying infringers & assistance until the best result is reached for the client

  • filing & prosecuting at both national & EU level as well as in front of WIPO

  • fighting online counterfeiting, including searches of online counterfeited products, notifying infringers / marketplaces, taking civil and/or criminal actions

  • managing and maintaining registrations, renewals

  • contractual assistance, including drafting and negotiating licenses, assignment, franchises, mortgage agreements

  • litigating before national courts